As you all must have heard, Testosterone is  the primary male hormone to build muscle which is also responsible for sexual performance , hair growth, your heart , your bone strength and a lot more things in human anatomy.

In the modern lifestyle , where most of us binge on  junk food, alcohol , drugs  for temporary pleasures and tastes there has been a huge drop in the testosterone levels of many of us. Not because our own eating habits but also the low carb diet and low fat diet available in the markets today especially in India has contributed to this decreament.

Our human body produces 7 mg of this hormone every day that’s approximately 50 mg per week.

Though there are some supplements for example, testosterone boosters , available at every supplement shop but this supplement only fulfills 5-10% of what it is actually required.

Instead, invest in these 3 handy testosterone rich foods for a healthy body and better you.


We all are advised in our health centers or gyms to consume only the white part in eggs because it is rich in protein and amino acids but the yellow part is also essential for our body in another aspect.

The egg yolk is high in VITAMIN D and boosts our testosterone levels if taken in limited proportions.

If we consume 7 eggs , we can eat the egg whites and egg yolk in the ratio 6:1 i.e 6 egg whites and one whole egg. This regime will ensure that our testosterone levels are in complete check.

But in case a person has high cholesterol levels , he shouldn’t consume the whole egg as it would only increase it. Further , he can add spinach and mushrooms in his diet to keep the T-levels intact.



Black beans are one of the best sources of protein and boost up your T-levels. Though it would be  an underrated food pick by many of you , it is very rich in zinc , magnesium and VITAMIN D .

I personally add it in my salad and it can also be made like a dish according to the Indian cuisine.

If you ask about the serving, you can take 1/2  cooked cup  in a day.



Tuna fish is a good source of VITAMIN D  and OMEGA 3 . It consists of healthy fats which also helps in keeping your skin glow.

You need not have it on a daily basis but you can take it twice a week and it will help you naturally maintaining your testosterone levels in check.



In the end i would suggest that though  there are many other foods that help in boosting your testosterone levels but try to add these foods in your diet and you will definitely see results in your body. For vegans, i would recommend spinach and mushrooms as they both are highly rich in zinc and magnesium. All the best guys !! Keep your body fit and make you and your partner happy.